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Kids Say the Darndest things

So, I was telling my family about my upcoming cat dissection, and my children were both fascinated and grossed out. I had to explain the necessity for practicing medical procedures on test subjects, which sometimes include animals. I reminded them of a movie we had seen about the life of Dr. Vivien Thomas - how he discovered a cure for cyanotic "blue" babies, by experimenting on dogs. They understood, but still found it incredible that I will be "operating" on a cat.

My daughter especially thought it was gross and "I can't believe you are going to do that, MOM." I told her that what I was doing was nothing compared to what doctors do. Doctors have to perform such things on dead people who donate their bodies to science. I went on to tell her that her First Grade Teacher's daughter-in-law is in medical school and she had to dissect a human last semester. My children were fascinate and wanted to hear how it works: how do you donate your body to science, are your eyes open, do the medical students get to see you naked, where is your body kept? I patiently answered all of their questions and finally got to the last one, "where are the bodies are kept?"

"Well, they are kept in a freezer."
"In a FREEZER," exclaims my daughter
"Yes, honey, so they don't get spoiled,"

"Well, I am a human. I've NEVER been in a freezer and I HAVE NEVER gone spoiled!"

Hahahahaha. Yup, that's my daughter!

I Love You, My Big Boy

It brings tears to my eyes and emotion to my chest to think of how fast the years have flown by. My first born, my first true love - I never knew what unconditional love was until the day you were born and made me a mom. May God continue to bless you and may your guardian angels help guide you. Remember this, no matter how old you get you will always be my baby. I love you.


The Green Thing

I just remembered that when I was growing up we had this tri-fold, green, foam chair that we used for multi-purposes. We used it as an extra chair while watching TV, for friends when they slept over, for doing gymnastics tricks (Jasmine, remember this!), as a fort, a slip and slide, etc. We never knew what to call it b/c it wasn't a futon, was more than a chair, and too small to be a sofa, so we started calling it "the green thing."

"Evelyn is sleeping over she needs the green thing,"
"Mom, can I do somersaults on the green thing?"
"Ayi, the sofa is crowded, go get the green thing."

It was so normal and natural to call it "the green thing," that our friends and extended family also started to call it "the green thing." It's hilarious b/c my neighbor/ playmate also got one. Hers was black, but we still called it "the green thing." LOL! Her big brother would get annoyed. He couldn't understand why we called it "the green thing" when it was obviously black - he had no clue.

We got so many uses out of "the green thing" and 'till today when my siblings, parents, and I speak of "the green thing" there is no need to elaborate.

First Day of School

It has begun and already I am in over my head.

My hubby told me last night, "Don't worry Babe, tomorrow will be filling out paperwork, going over syllabus, easy stuff." Yeah right! We got right to business. In my Anatomy and Physiology class (part II) we started the class with a lecture on the Respiratory System and after that we were looking at slides of alveoli, epithelium, and a mammal's lung. I have tons of reading and terms to memorize and on Tuesday we get our cat. Awwww - NOT! We are dissecting him, so no "awwww" there. Egyptians would be horrified!

Sociology I am taking online and haven't had a chance to review everything, but it looks like tons of papers.

And then there's my Drug Dosage Calculations class... will not even get into that.

So, pray for my sanity. PLEASE!

So, so busy!

Sorry for the lack of entries, but with school starting for EVERYONE in my household we are running around like chickens with no heads. Hubby and I start this Thursday and the kids start on Monday! I know some parents love this time of the year, but not I. I become so sad to think that I will not have them around all day. I really, really, miss them when school starts. And with the beginning of the school year also starts, religious education, dance, soccer, violin recitals, etc. Oh boy!

So to all of my friends who I was meaning to visit this summer I have to say, I am so sorry. I am sorry that my summer flew by and with it, my good intentions. I must make some time and we must get together. I miss so many of you, especially mi Boricua, Catholica, linda who lives a town away ;) You know who you are my wonderful friend.

Okay, so if I am MIA it's b/c my classes have me hostage. I will devote another entry to my decision about school and life.

Thanks to all who have prayed for me.

*Image by Larry Jones

Happy Birthday My Love

Pet Peeve - Name Dropping

Okay, I love all of my friends dearly - I really do. Even the heathens (LMBO). However, just because I love them doesn't mean they don't do things to annoy me ;)

I get sooooo annoyed that some of my dear friends think that I care that they are wearing Manolo shoes, a Jimmy Choo handbag, or were just hanging out at the rooftop of Plunge. Seriously people, I am happy for you if you are happy, but sorry to be harsh, I don't care. I love all things beautiful and if your Jimmy purse is beautiful, I will compliment you, but I would compliment the same purse if it came from Target. A name tag doesn't impress me. I've evolved as a person and there are more important things to care about then what you are wearing and who you hung out with last weekend, which is another peeve, my friends who celebrity name drop. Listen, J.Lo poops too!

Things that do impress me:
  1. Being a good person
  2. Being Pro-Life
  3. Spending quality time with your children / family
  4. Donating your time to the Church and other worthy causes
  5. Donating blood
  6. Donating your money to sponsor groups like Women for Women International
  7. Making it to church on time (we have gotten so good with this!)
  8. Telling me about a great book you just read
  9. Spewing some scientific names (lol)
  10. Knowing useless trivia, like Lymes Disease got it's names b/c it derived in Lyme, Connecticut (thank you for that one Dan :)
  11. Burping the entire alphabet
  12. Nursing a baby while you use the toilet, eat, cook, etc.
  13. Anything to do with motherhood
  14. Doing something daring like Sky Diving (yeah!)
  15. Sharing a great food recipe
  16. Being a history buff (since my memory sucks, anyone who can retain this stuff impresses the heck out of me!)
  17. Doing things with your feet (my mom takes her socks off and puts them one inside the other with her feet)
  18. Spewing out useless movie quotes "So what would you little maniacs liked to do first?" (what movie is that from?
  19. Remembering who Corey Haim and Kirk Cameron are (lol).
  20. Doing a mean "chicken dance" at a wedding - with no shame or embarrassment, just shake that bootie.
Okay, so now I am getting pure silly, but you get the point. Impress me with goodness, humor, and your personality - material things do nothing for me. If you have them and can afford it, that's great and I am truly happy for you, but it's not what's important. Life is too good and full of wonderful things that have nothing to do with superficiality.

A New Saint in Heaven

love godmother Pictures, Images and Photos
Yesterday my beautiful Godmother passed away. She died on her 90th birthday. Despite knowing that she is in a better place, words cannot describe the sadness in my heart. My Godmother was the epitome of what a Godmother should be. She taught me how to love God through the eyes of the Catholic Church, how to pray the rosary and how to always trust in Christ. She complimented everything that my parents taught me at home and sometimes even surpassed it. My Godmother was loving and fun. Also, very very funny. I wonder if some of my humor comes from her?

I was very blessed to have gone to Puerto Rico two years ago to spend time with her. I took her to eat dinner and to the mall. She was in awe. It was wonderful seeing things through her innocent eyes. Technology amazed her. She hadn't been out of her immediate neighborhood except for church in over 20 years b/c she was too busy caring for my Godfather who was a WWII and Korean war vet. When he became ill with cancer he digressed and at times became violent. To top things off my only Godbrother is autistic. My Godmother had to care for him as well. Although his intelligence is of genius level, his personality is of a toddler. My Godmother had a heavy cross to bear, but she did it with grace and without complaint. When my Godfather passed on, she missed him dearly and said she would have cared for him till the day she died. May sound simple to those reading this, but it was not. My Godfather was not able to control his bowels and had to wear a diaper towards the end of his life. At times when dimensia kicked in, he would take them off and dirty his entire room. He would also see Germans and Koreans throughout the house and would break things, hide under the bed, and at times even attacked his wife. Despite all of this, she loved him and cared for him until his last breath. She put her entire life on hold for him and said she would do it all over again, if given the chance. This is coming from a women who lived most of her life in NYC. A women who was independent, who worked and studied. Who on the weekends got together with my mom and took me and my sibblings to museums, the Statue of Liberty, Rockerfeller Center, broadway shows, etc. She was very cultured and intelligent. I wish I had more time with her. Wish I could've pick her brain and ask her things that I didn't know to ask when I was a child. My visit with her was too short. I had planned on going back sometime this year with my family. I wanted her to meet my Marine (as she called my husband) and my children.

My heart aches. I miss her so much. Please pray for her soul, that she may get to heaven quickly.

Madrina, te quiero mucho y te extraƱo un monton


Have you ever felt God talking to you, calling you to do something, yet you choose to ignore Him?

For the past year I have felt that God has been calling me to be a better mom. Like my good friend Father Deusterhaus says "God calls you to be a great mom, not a good one." Well, lately I've been a good mom period. I am being pulled in too many directions. School and work are taking up a lot of my time. Yes, I am blessed to have a job where I can work mostly from home, but it still takes me away from my family. I am physically there, but not really present. And school, I've dreamed of being a nurse for a very long time and I am only three classes away from being in nursing school, so why would God choose to call me to do something else when I am sooooo close?

Late at night, when I am alone with my thoughts, I feel this yearning in my heart for a simpler life. I think back at times when my children were younger and they make me smile. I miss playdates, naps, and our daytime routine. I miss leisure. Right now my life is structured, but in a way that leaves very little time for leisure. I guess I miss JUST being a stay-at-home mom. However, I am scared to give up the dream. I've worked so hard. Have learned things in school that I thought I was incapable of learning. When the sun is up and life kicks in, God's voice dims and I give into society. I give into the notion that being a mom is just not enough. In school I feel smart. I feel vigorous and want more. However, I feel that what God is calling me to do, is dramatic. It's not just about me ending my schooling and quitting me job. If you can believe, its bigger than that. I feel that He is calling me to something extraordinary - what that is, I am yet to find out.

Sometimes I question, "is God really talking to me?" or is it mommy guilt that is making me feel like quitting my dream. I honestly don't know. I am being very candid here because I want input. I am at a crossroads and don't know what to do.

Pray for me that I may listen with my heart.

Breastfeeding Week

Don't forget to celebrate the gift of Breastfeeding this week!


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