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The Green Thing

I just remembered that when I was growing up we had this tri-fold, green, foam chair that we used for multi-purposes. We used it as an extra chair while watching TV, for friends when they slept over, for doing gymnastics tricks (Jasmine, remember this!), as a fort, a slip and slide, etc. We never knew what to call it b/c it wasn't a futon, was more than a chair, and too small to be a sofa, so we started calling it "the green thing."

"Evelyn is sleeping over she needs the green thing,"
"Mom, can I do somersaults on the green thing?"
"Ayi, the sofa is crowded, go get the green thing."

It was so normal and natural to call it "the green thing," that our friends and extended family also started to call it "the green thing." It's hilarious b/c my neighbor/ playmate also got one. Hers was black, but we still called it "the green thing." LOL! Her big brother would get annoyed. He couldn't understand why we called it "the green thing" when it was obviously black - he had no clue.

We got so many uses out of "the green thing" and 'till today when my siblings, parents, and I speak of "the green thing" there is no need to elaborate.


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