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Sleepeasy Solution Update: Naps

It's been almost two months since we tried the Sleepeasy Solution and I have to say that I am impressed.  I will focus on nap-time because our baby loves to practice all her new skills at night, so we are still having some troubles in this area.  Also, I must say that I am not as strict with the nighttime regiment as I am with nap because I am so darn tired that it's much easier at times to just nurse in bed, which sends baby VERY confusing messages.  I know, I know, but I am one mom to four kids and one husband, I need to squeeze in sleep wherever I can get it.

Side note:  She falls asleep just fine at night after our bath and rocking routine and will sleep for about an initial 3-4 hour stretch  it's keeping her asleep that is the problem.

Okay, so the naps are going wonderfully.  We have a little routine that is working very well for us.  I downloaded a white noise application for my iPod Touch and we have a docking system that allows me to play the app at full volume which is great when my older kids and their friends are around.  Anyway, I follow the Sleepeasy Solution nap cues and go upstairs with baby when I know that she is ready for her nap.  She is a smart little thing, she already knows that when I shut the curtains (with black out backing) and turn on my iPod that its nurse time and then nap time.  She makes this little desperate whimperimg sound (so cute) and kicks her feet.  I then turn on the baby monitor and make sure her co-sleeper is free of toys.  We sit on the rocker and I nurse, but I don't allow her to fall asleep.  As soon as I see her about to doze off - you know when they get that drunken sailor look - I tell her, "Okay, Bebita (little baby in Spanish), it's time to go sleep."  Believe it or not, she unlatches herself!  I then lay her in her co-sleeper and sit on the rocker for five minutes.  Sometimes she will complain a little and if she does, I stay quiet and allow her to calm herself.  If however, she cries, I use my voice from the rocker and sooth her; the crying will sometimes get a little louder, but it's a final protest and doesn't last long.  In less than three minutes she is off to Lala Land.  However, the norm is that I put her in her co-sleeper and she just knocks out, after five minutes I leave and am free, well from the baby at least.

When we first started the Sleepeasy Solution she was only napping for about 30 minutes and crying for 30.  As time progressed it got better.  She will now take a 2-3 hour morning nap and a 1-2 hour afternoon nap.  Depending on when she wakes up after the afternoon nap she may need another small snooze, so that she isn't overly tired at night.  I don't let her sleep past 5:00 PM.

Anyway, I am really happy with her nap progress and it has made my life much easier.  If I have to run errands I try to work it around nap OR I just run my errands and put her in my Maya Sling and allow her to sleep.

Hope you find this blog helpful and wishing all moms out there plentiful rest and sleep - yeah right!  I can have wishful thinking, right?


  1. Hi There,

    I know this is an old post, but I am trying the SleepEasy Solution right now as well, and I am wondering how you had such success with your naps. My little guy is continuing to sleep for 30 minutes with the SES, but I wondered how you dealt with that when you were just starting SES - did you pick her up when she was up after 30 minutes, or did you leave her to self-soothe?


    1. I am so sorry that I didn't get the notification to your post. It's 2 years later, so I am assuming that you figured it out :) I just wanted to apologize for not seeing this sooner.

  2. Hi, I am in the middle of sleep training right now and hate going into the babies room after he falls asleep to turn on the white noise like the book says. Do you turn your on before you start your routine and it works? Any advice would be great!

    1. I wasn't getting posts notifications, so I never saw your question. I know that it's two years later, but I still wanted to apologize. In case anyone else is reading this, I always start the white noise before my routine. I now have a new baby and the Sleep Easy Solution has been implemented and is working wonders!



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