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Yaya's Top Ten Funniest Sayings

The other day I was talking with someone about some of the funny things that my mother says, and later in the day it got me thinking of my mom. I was walking through the supermarket and I actually randomly laughed out loud. People must have thought I was nuts. I got such a kick out of thinking of my mom that I had to post this...

10. He's no Paul Newman.
(This is said to any man who thinks he is good looking).
9. Come here Missy Foo / Mr. Foo
(??? she calls everyone this. I still don't know who Foo is).
8. Carambolas
(This is yelled out when she gets hurt, surprised, etc. It may be a form of caramba?)
7. Whatcha talking bout Willis?
(My mom looked at me one day & said this! I almost peed my pants.)
6. I am still waiting for my marriage license to expire.
5. Don't go into the fridge after a hot shower. Your face will freeze in place.
4. El diablo empuja
(The Devil Pushes. In order words, be careful with temptation)
3. Turn off the lights! I don't sleep with Con Edison.
(Con Edison is the electric company in NYC. Since she's not Con Edison's mistress she still has to pay the electric
2. You think I am married to Rockerfeller? Go get a job.

Drum roll please. The number one funny thing my mom says...

1. I may be short but I can still reach your face


  1. OMG! I just saw the word carambolas the other day. It's the scientific name for starfruit! and no it's not from the bolas of caramba! Ina is not like you!! LOL!

  2. I'm laughing my butt off! I love these! You're right #1 is my fave too!

  3. LMBO! Me too! I saw carambolas earlier this year and I just stood there staring at it. I was like, "After all these years I find out it's a fruit!"

    Oh, and Ina IS indeed like me - secretly...hehehe. Remind me to tell you the t-shirt story when we speak! Hahaha.



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