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Pet Peeve - Name Dropping

Okay, I love all of my friends dearly - I really do. Even the heathens (LMBO). However, just because I love them doesn't mean they don't do things to annoy me ;)

I get sooooo annoyed that some of my dear friends think that I care that they are wearing Manolo shoes, a Jimmy Choo handbag, or were just hanging out at the rooftop of Plunge. Seriously people, I am happy for you if you are happy, but sorry to be harsh, I don't care. I love all things beautiful and if your Jimmy purse is beautiful, I will compliment you, but I would compliment the same purse if it came from Target. A name tag doesn't impress me. I've evolved as a person and there are more important things to care about then what you are wearing and who you hung out with last weekend, which is another peeve, my friends who celebrity name drop. Listen, J.Lo poops too!

Things that do impress me:
  1. Being a good person
  2. Being Pro-Life
  3. Spending quality time with your children / family
  4. Donating your time to the Church and other worthy causes
  5. Donating blood
  6. Donating your money to sponsor groups like Women for Women International
  7. Making it to church on time (we have gotten so good with this!)
  8. Telling me about a great book you just read
  9. Spewing some scientific names (lol)
  10. Knowing useless trivia, like Lymes Disease got it's names b/c it derived in Lyme, Connecticut (thank you for that one Dan :)
  11. Burping the entire alphabet
  12. Nursing a baby while you use the toilet, eat, cook, etc.
  13. Anything to do with motherhood
  14. Doing something daring like Sky Diving (yeah!)
  15. Sharing a great food recipe
  16. Being a history buff (since my memory sucks, anyone who can retain this stuff impresses the heck out of me!)
  17. Doing things with your feet (my mom takes her socks off and puts them one inside the other with her feet)
  18. Spewing out useless movie quotes "So what would you little maniacs liked to do first?" (what movie is that from?
  19. Remembering who Corey Haim and Kirk Cameron are (lol).
  20. Doing a mean "chicken dance" at a wedding - with no shame or embarrassment, just shake that bootie.
Okay, so now I am getting pure silly, but you get the point. Impress me with goodness, humor, and your personality - material things do nothing for me. If you have them and can afford it, that's great and I am truly happy for you, but it's not what's important. Life is too good and full of wonderful things that have nothing to do with superficiality.



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