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A Losing Battle

It finally dawned on me that there are people in this world that will never get my point of view, that to try and explain things the way I see it, is a losing battle.  I realized that when dealing with this type of person I cannot win that instead of losing precious moments in time arguing that I will just listen.  (By winning I don't mean being right, by winning I mean being heard and understood).  I will hold my tongue and just listen. That I will offer up my patience to God and let Him handle it because I know that I cannot.  To try and reason and share hurt feelings when I am not be understood makes me frustrated and creates more pain.  Instead I will just listen with an open heart.  Hopefully this will be enough to drowned away that loud voice in my heart that wants to be understood, heard, and acknowledged.  I will surrender that voice to God and I know that He will listen when no one else can.

Some of the Chaos

Here are some pics of some of the chaos. Keep in mind this is one month into it when things weren't as bad. I wish I had taken pics of the flood and of the clean up efforts.

Fridge in our office.

Our foyer 
Some of the mess
More of the mess and plastic covering on doorway. 

Coming Together

My home finally has floors! The refrigerator is no longer in the office and most of the cleaning is done. I am ALMOST breathing a sigh of relief. Thank you to all of my friends and family for praying for us. We really needed it. I am now looking forward to a regularity in my routine. I get to enjoy my husband, my children and my new baby who is just so freaking cute, without having to deal with chaos...

Quick Update

An Executive from Sears contacted me immediately after my blog about them was posted and within a few days I was told that the much needed part would be expedited. It was less than a week and my dishwasher was fixed. I am very happy that they stepped up to the plate, but I am perplexed as to why it took for me to blog about it before they did.

My contact person at Sear's was an Executive by the name of Roy. This gentleman was very nice and courteous. He exceeded my expectations and I wish that everyone at this company was as nice as he is.

Roy, if you are reading this, THANK YOU and btw, I love the way you say Mrs. Torres with that beautiful Hispanic accent. It's refreshing to hear my name pronounced properly.

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