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Getting Ready for a Glorious Weekend

Holy Thursday, tonight my Lord would've been praying and crying blood in anticipation of His sacrifice.  Tomorrow He would've been beaten beyond recognition, taunted, tortured, and finally crucified for our faults.  Saturday His faithful followers must've felt the shock of His brutal death and His absence.  Sunday Mary would've went into the cave to find that He was gone and to find out that He had risen!  Today I remember all this.  Today I remind my children and tell them of the importance of this miraculous weekend.  We will fast, we will pray, we will REMEMBER.  And Sunday, we will celebrate!  With great joy and with great gratitude we will laugh, we will be merry, we will honor our Lord!

Excerpt from My Other Blog...

So this morning I got brave and juiced the following:

2 Bok Choys Stalks and Leaves
Handful of Spinach
2 Carrots
1 Apple (I'm still a chump and need that sweetness!)
2 Celery Stalks

The juice was a greenish-orangie color. The taste, not bad, accept for the nasty celery! Ugh, celery does not appeal to me when juiced. It was sooooo overpowering that it gave me a headache! Now I am scared to juice it again, but we'll see. I'm a stubborn person who doesn't get easily defeated.

At ten I had a cup of coffee! Sorry, baby steps. I missed it badly today!!!

For lunch I treated myself to a yummy banana, strawberry, blackberry, and blueberry smoothie with psyllium seed husks. And yes, plenty of filtered water!

I feel great today! However, I also feel overwhelmed. I've been reading too much! I've been looking up juicing recipes and "how to eat raw," and it's overwhelming for a novice like me! I read somewhere not to juice too much of the same thing because your body can build allergies against it! WTFreak?!!! I have to juice the same thing while I am starting out! Why? Well, for one it's cheaper to buy by the bulk, two I need to start out with things that I semi like, and I need to drink things that I don't like more than twice to acquire a taste for it!

If anyone reading this has any tips for me, please, please, please do tell!

Well, that's all for today. I am in the mix of remodeling and redecorating my downstairs and it's taking up LOTS of my time!

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