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Clarification :)

I've had a few dear people get on me about not adhering completely to doctor's orders.  Those of you who really know me, know that I do my research and weight my options carefully before jumping into any decisions, especially those that involve medical intervention.  I have a skeptical background because I have seen first hand how devastating it could be to put your complete trust in the mainstream medical community only to have it crushed.   I am by no means anti-medicine, how could I be and still be pursuing an education in nursing? I think many doctors, nurses, and those who work in medicine are amazing.  I think most want to help and do what is right for their patients.  However, I also feel that not all are educated in alternative methods and I strongly feel that our country's medical care is deeply entwined with politics and money, thus the booming pharmaceutical companies and the drug pushing.

If I refused any care in regards to me or my pregnancy it's because I read the journals and/or inserts that come with the medicines and felt that the cons outweighed the pros or that it was not a necessary treatment in my case.

I thank you all for your concern and appreciate the prayers - keep them coming please :)  Know that I would never do anything to harm myself or my baby.  When I choose to do something or I choose not to, it is with great reason, care, and clarity.  God bless...

Really? Why Now?

Why do things have to change?  I like routine, makes me feel safe and comfortable.  I was just fine having uneventful and magical pregnancies.  Why does this pregnancy have to be any different?  Why is there always a trouble maker in the group :)

So, I was just starting to feel like my old self when one morning out of the blue I began to feel some mild cramping.  "Braxton Hicks," I thought and dismissed the feeling.  After sending the kids off to school, hubby came in from a 24 hour shift, and we were planning on a quiet day together.  However, I continued to cramp, so I went to lie down.  I did all the clich├ęd things: empty bladder, drink water, lie on left side, but nothing seem to really work.  I fell asleep and by the time the kids came home from school, I felt better.  I showered and my afternoon chaos began.  I went over paperwork, listened to all kinds of funny stories, and started to help with homework when I felt the cramping again.  I ignored it for a little while, but then they got stronger.  My husband told me to lie back down and he took over. He let me relax and even cooked dinner that evening.  By the time he called me to eat, the contractions were stronger and coming closer together.  I decided to call my midwife, and she, of course, was on vacation :)  The doctor on call told me to come in.  I insisted on driving myself to the hospital thinking that it was no big deal.

No big deal turned out to be contractions which were noticeable on the TOCO monitor and no big deal was also a positive Fetal Fibronectic Test.  Needless to say that they kept me for "observations."  After a few hours of some very strong contractions they decided to admit me!  They kept me for a total of six days and tried to force me to take all types of meds which were outrageously uncalled for and which I refused!  I only consented to a round of antibiotics (in case the contractions came from an unknown infection), to Terbutaline, and Indomethacin which are used to stop contractions.  These meds worked just fine after 3 days, but they thought they should run my insurance just a little extra.  Boy, I had to fight my way out of that hospital.  Some doctors can really be overbearing.

Since my release I've been on bedrest, that is another post of its own.  Bedrest is not easy, especially for someone who is use to being active.  I will write more on that later!


Oh man!  It's about time.  I am so happy that I can finally post about being pregnant! I've been dying to post about our little blessing since late Spring, but I had to wait until we told all of our friends and family members; we didn't want them to just read about it on this blog.

We are anxiously awaiting baby number four!!!!  We are all super excited and cannot wait to meet our sweet baby GIRL!!!!  We are beyond ecstatic to welcome another daughter.  We would have felt blessed either way, but our daughter has wanted a sister for so long that we are thrilled for her.

Let me start by saying that this pregnancy has been VERY DIFFERENT from my other three.  First off, I experienced morning sickness 24/7 for the first 3 months.  This was something new.  With my other three I would get nauseous every now and then when I brushed my teeth, cleaned my tongue, or smelled certain things.  However, it never lasted long and I NEVER threw up.  Around the clock nausea was new and very debilitating.  It was out of control and I lost weight.  I already have a slim frame (aside from the obvious Latin, but this weight lost took me from slim to skinny.  I had to be treated for dehydration a few times and it took a while for my electrolytes to get back to normal.

Once my second trimester kicked in I felt like a new woman, actually like my old self.  My energy was back, the house got detailed, the laundry done, baking resumed, it was great!  Then one day out of the blue I begin to contract...  I will save that drama for a later post :)


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