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Clarification :)

I've had a few dear people get on me about not adhering completely to doctor's orders.  Those of you who really know me, know that I do my research and weight my options carefully before jumping into any decisions, especially those that involve medical intervention.  I have a skeptical background because I have seen first hand how devastating it could be to put your complete trust in the mainstream medical community only to have it crushed.   I am by no means anti-medicine, how could I be and still be pursuing an education in nursing? I think many doctors, nurses, and those who work in medicine are amazing.  I think most want to help and do what is right for their patients.  However, I also feel that not all are educated in alternative methods and I strongly feel that our country's medical care is deeply entwined with politics and money, thus the booming pharmaceutical companies and the drug pushing.

If I refused any care in regards to me or my pregnancy it's because I read the journals and/or inserts that come with the medicines and felt that the cons outweighed the pros or that it was not a necessary treatment in my case.

I thank you all for your concern and appreciate the prayers - keep them coming please :)  Know that I would never do anything to harm myself or my baby.  When I choose to do something or I choose not to, it is with great reason, care, and clarity.  God bless...


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