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300 Died from Swine Flu Vaccine

In 1976, the government brainwashed the public into believing that the swine flu was a pandemic. They scared the public into taking a swine flu vaccine in order to prevent death. What they didn't tell the public was that this vaccine was NEVER field tested. They also failed to tell the public of the risks involved when taking this shot. Many people became ill and many died due to the recommendations of the CDC. The government sunk as low as using the names of celebrities in their advertisement to try and lure the public into believing that the immunization was safe to take. These celebrities did not agree to the use of their names in this propaganda and most did NOT even take the shot!

Today we are being scared into believing that the swine flu is rapidly spreading and some governments, including our own are creating swine flu vaccinations that should be ready to be distributed this fall. Inform yourselves and your loved ones before injecting yourself with these lethal shots.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, see this CBS video on this vaccination, it will change your mind on how you feel about trusting what doctors, the government, and the media tell you about vaccinations...


  1. I heard that they started (or will start) testing the swine flu vaccine on adults and CHILDREN!! What parent would subject their kids to experimental drugs or ANYTHING! Ugh!!

  2. CRAZY! Sad, sad, sad. Well, some people will do anything for a couple of bucks. Poor kids!

    Danny, said that if I keep posting these one day I am going to mysteriously disappear!

  3. LOL! So true! Did you ever see the movies "Conspiracy Theory" with Mel Gibson?

  4. Ummmm...should I be worried that the Conspiracy Theory movie was on last nite? Do you think the government interrupted the regulary scheduled program on my TV to show this movie?! Imma skeered, too!



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