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My Softies...

The one to the left, the eyes are how the pattern was intended, the one to the right is my own creativity.
This one is also my creativity (the eyes). 

The giraffe, is a replica of the dolls and daydreams pattern, but I didn't actually use the pattern.  I looked at the pictures and tried to figure it out .  However, as soon as I get money I will purchase the pattern b/c I think the one that she has is cuter than mine!

So what do you guys think?  Are these Etsy worthy?  I hope so...

Sewing my Little Fingers to the Bone...

So, lately I've gotten into making softies.  I purchased a pattern on Etsy and got rolling.  I made my first one - a prototype - it was okay.  Cute, but with plenty of mistakes.  He was my learning curve.  Now I am onto softie number three and I must say that I am getting the hang of this.  I am even getting really creative.  I've changed the pattern around a bit and am coming up with my own spin on Rudolph.

Here is a pic of my first one (after the prototype):

I am almost done stuffing numbers two and three.  When I am done I will post pics.  Those are the ones that I have really had fun with.  

The pattern that I used can be found here:

I love it.  I am giving these away as gifts, but I am hoping to get good enough to open up my own Etsy store.  What do you think?  Would you buy one? 


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