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never ending abyss
can't get out
can't think, can't not think
no longer a person
alone, yet never alone
too much
not enough
hopeful, have to be, it's all that keeps me clinging...

REALLY! Already?

Went to my postpartum visit yesterday.  I got good news and bad news.  The good news got a big yelp out of me, "Really?!"  What was it?  The nurse announce that I weigh 129 pounds.  I didn't expect that! Already? That made my week.  Now I just have to firm up and get my muscle tone back.  Bedrest turned me into a ragdoll.

The bad news I will save for a later post... I want to end this one on a happy note.  One hundred and twenty nine pounds!  YAY!


I am soooo happy that the weather has been fabulous (except for a little rain) b/c I am now able to go for walks with the family, baby included of course! Spring makes me happy.  The Cherry Blossoms are blooming, even my little one out front, and the air smells warm :)  Yes, I can smell warmth!

Although I am overwhelmed and tired, Spring gives me hope and I know that with each passing day my little girl gets a bit more independent and gives Mommy more little brakes.  Today she slept on her Papa's chest and let me cook and clean up!  Yes, there is light at the end of this sleepless tunnel.

FuzziBunz Cloth Diaper Review

So, we started using our extra-small FuzziBunz and we love them! 

Let me start by saying that although I love these diapers, I think that the sizing is off.  According to the FuzziBunz website an extra-small should fit babies 4-12 lbs.  However, when my baby lost her newborn weight, she went down to 5 lbs 11oz and these diapers were huge on her, especially around the leg.  Even when she got back up to 6 lbs 5 oz, they were still too big.  They didn't actually fit until she reached 7 lbs.  Maybe they'd work better on a baby with fatter thighs? 

Okay, so now that they fit, the fit is great; snug and comfy around the legs, and a nice rise on top.  The baby has had some major bowel movements and they have stood in the diaper.  What's funny is that she had messy blow outs while using disposable diapers.  It was horrible!  There was poop all over her back and her legs, ugh!  Anyway, my biggest fear was that this would happen with cloth diapers, but so far it hasn't, at least not with FuzziBunz (or with AMPS). 

So far these diapers are working wonderfully!   Baby's been using them with hemp inserts during nap time and they have great absorbency.  Granted she usually only naps for 45 minutes tops, however, one time she did sleep for 2 hours and when she woke up the diaper was heavy, but mostly dry.  Side comment: they work wonderfully with the regular inserts too. 

Bottom line, these diapers are cute, comfortable, wash easily (so far no stains) and work great.  We are happy we bought them and love them!

Uncover the Truth

To educate and enlighten yourselves visit my other blog.  Things are getting bad people!  Yes, I sound like Woody Harrelson's character in however, wasn't that crazy character spot on!

Long day

Hubby's working, and so I had to wake up super early to nurse baby, make breakfast for my kids, and get all of us ready to take my two middle kids to soccer practice by 9 AM. When we got back I had to make lunch, change some more diapers, wear baby in sling while she nursed and I finished laundry which includes folding and ironing. Then I had to drop off my teen at the mall, come home, cook dinner while wearing baby, and now we will eat, and then I have to run out and pick up my teen. I am so exhausted and the day is still not over...

The Potty Pail Diaper Sprayer Review

So I started cloth diapering full time today and it's been so easy thanks to the BESTEST invention ever - The Potty Pail!!!! Yes, we got it the other day and my husband installed it immediately. I absolutely love, love, love this product! It's a wonderful diaper sprayer that comes with a pail that you put over the toilet to prevent splatter and overspray.   Before the Potty Pail cloth diapering was messy.  First off I was using a peri bottle which I had to refill about five times to get all the feces off of the diaper.  Second, the spray was strong enough to splatter the feces and water on the toilet lid and on the floor...yuck! With the diaper sprayer I don't have to walk to the sink and with the pail, everything is contained and sanitary.  The sprayer is very well made and has a wonderful lifetime warranty.  The sprayer has such a strong spray that it gets everything off of the diaper with little to NO staining -this is before laundering. The pail is so neat! It has two hooks inside so that you can drain the diaper and insert before putting them in your wet bag. Gosh, this thing is so awesome! Also, installation was easy. My husband did thorough research on diaper sprayers  and this product met his standards, which says a lot, he's a former Marine people :)

I think that if anyone is going to venture in to cloth diapering or if you are already doing so, this product is a must.  It is making my life easier and these days I can use a little break.    

Inside of Pail

The diaper sprayer

Baby's Big Day

Our beautiful baby girl was baptized on Saturday.  The baptism was beautiful and keeping up with family tradition, she didn't cry.  She was very peaceful throughout the entire ceremony and even smiled at Father a few times.  We had her God family over for dinner and cake.  We had a wonderful evening.  It's been a while since we spent some quality time with them and we all thoroughly enjoyed it, especially the children since they all share the same Godparents; except for my oldest who has different Godparents.  However, he feels just as close to them because they sponsored him during his Confirmation, and because he's known them since he was two years old.  We are very blessed to have such a holy and devout family be a part of our children's lives.  I will never forget what they said to me when I had first asked them to be our children's Godparents.  When I asked they replied "We will do everything in our power to help you get your children to heaven."  Isn't that the most beautiful response you have ever heard?!  We are definitely lucky.

Lack of Sleep really getting to me!  I feel like I am sleep walking and in a haze most of the time.  My body aches all over from having a baby constantly on me.  I keep telling myself that it'll get better and that's what keeps me going.  Remind me again when babies start sleeping more than 30 minutes at a time.  I love my baby, but boy do I miss sleeping and taking showers that don't include guilt.  It'll get better, right?

So Funny


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