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FuzziBunz Cloth Diaper Review

So, we started using our extra-small FuzziBunz and we love them! 

Let me start by saying that although I love these diapers, I think that the sizing is off.  According to the FuzziBunz website an extra-small should fit babies 4-12 lbs.  However, when my baby lost her newborn weight, she went down to 5 lbs 11oz and these diapers were huge on her, especially around the leg.  Even when she got back up to 6 lbs 5 oz, they were still too big.  They didn't actually fit until she reached 7 lbs.  Maybe they'd work better on a baby with fatter thighs? 

Okay, so now that they fit, the fit is great; snug and comfy around the legs, and a nice rise on top.  The baby has had some major bowel movements and they have stood in the diaper.  What's funny is that she had messy blow outs while using disposable diapers.  It was horrible!  There was poop all over her back and her legs, ugh!  Anyway, my biggest fear was that this would happen with cloth diapers, but so far it hasn't, at least not with FuzziBunz (or with AMPS). 

So far these diapers are working wonderfully!   Baby's been using them with hemp inserts during nap time and they have great absorbency.  Granted she usually only naps for 45 minutes tops, however, one time she did sleep for 2 hours and when she woke up the diaper was heavy, but mostly dry.  Side comment: they work wonderfully with the regular inserts too. 

Bottom line, these diapers are cute, comfortable, wash easily (so far no stains) and work great.  We are happy we bought them and love them!


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