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The Potty Pail Diaper Sprayer Review

So I started cloth diapering full time today and it's been so easy thanks to the BESTEST invention ever - The Potty Pail!!!! Yes, we got it the other day and my husband installed it immediately. I absolutely love, love, love this product! It's a wonderful diaper sprayer that comes with a pail that you put over the toilet to prevent splatter and overspray.   Before the Potty Pail cloth diapering was messy.  First off I was using a peri bottle which I had to refill about five times to get all the feces off of the diaper.  Second, the spray was strong enough to splatter the feces and water on the toilet lid and on the floor...yuck! With the diaper sprayer I don't have to walk to the sink and with the pail, everything is contained and sanitary.  The sprayer is very well made and has a wonderful lifetime warranty.  The sprayer has such a strong spray that it gets everything off of the diaper with little to NO staining -this is before laundering. The pail is so neat! It has two hooks inside so that you can drain the diaper and insert before putting them in your wet bag. Gosh, this thing is so awesome! Also, installation was easy. My husband did thorough research on diaper sprayers  and this product met his standards, which says a lot, he's a former Marine people :)

I think that if anyone is going to venture in to cloth diapering or if you are already doing so, this product is a must.  It is making my life easier and these days I can use a little break.    

Inside of Pail

The diaper sprayer


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