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Oh man!  It's about time.  I am so happy that I can finally post about being pregnant! I've been dying to post about our little blessing since late Spring, but I had to wait until we told all of our friends and family members; we didn't want them to just read about it on this blog.

We are anxiously awaiting baby number four!!!!  We are all super excited and cannot wait to meet our sweet baby GIRL!!!!  We are beyond ecstatic to welcome another daughter.  We would have felt blessed either way, but our daughter has wanted a sister for so long that we are thrilled for her.

Let me start by saying that this pregnancy has been VERY DIFFERENT from my other three.  First off, I experienced morning sickness 24/7 for the first 3 months.  This was something new.  With my other three I would get nauseous every now and then when I brushed my teeth, cleaned my tongue, or smelled certain things.  However, it never lasted long and I NEVER threw up.  Around the clock nausea was new and very debilitating.  It was out of control and I lost weight.  I already have a slim frame (aside from the obvious Latin, but this weight lost took me from slim to skinny.  I had to be treated for dehydration a few times and it took a while for my electrolytes to get back to normal.

Once my second trimester kicked in I felt like a new woman, actually like my old self.  My energy was back, the house got detailed, the laundry done, baking resumed, it was great!  Then one day out of the blue I begin to contract...  I will save that drama for a later post :)


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