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A Losing Battle

It finally dawned on me that there are people in this world that will never get my point of view, that to try and explain things the way I see it, is a losing battle.  I realized that when dealing with this type of person I cannot win that instead of losing precious moments in time arguing that I will just listen.  (By winning I don't mean being right, by winning I mean being heard and understood).  I will hold my tongue and just listen. That I will offer up my patience to God and let Him handle it because I know that I cannot.  To try and reason and share hurt feelings when I am not be understood makes me frustrated and creates more pain.  Instead I will just listen with an open heart.  Hopefully this will be enough to drowned away that loud voice in my heart that wants to be understood, heard, and acknowledged.  I will surrender that voice to God and I know that He will listen when no one else can.


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