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A New Saint in Heaven

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Yesterday my beautiful Godmother passed away. She died on her 90th birthday. Despite knowing that she is in a better place, words cannot describe the sadness in my heart. My Godmother was the epitome of what a Godmother should be. She taught me how to love God through the eyes of the Catholic Church, how to pray the rosary and how to always trust in Christ. She complimented everything that my parents taught me at home and sometimes even surpassed it. My Godmother was loving and fun. Also, very very funny. I wonder if some of my humor comes from her?

I was very blessed to have gone to Puerto Rico two years ago to spend time with her. I took her to eat dinner and to the mall. She was in awe. It was wonderful seeing things through her innocent eyes. Technology amazed her. She hadn't been out of her immediate neighborhood except for church in over 20 years b/c she was too busy caring for my Godfather who was a WWII and Korean war vet. When he became ill with cancer he digressed and at times became violent. To top things off my only Godbrother is autistic. My Godmother had to care for him as well. Although his intelligence is of genius level, his personality is of a toddler. My Godmother had a heavy cross to bear, but she did it with grace and without complaint. When my Godfather passed on, she missed him dearly and said she would have cared for him till the day she died. May sound simple to those reading this, but it was not. My Godfather was not able to control his bowels and had to wear a diaper towards the end of his life. At times when dimensia kicked in, he would take them off and dirty his entire room. He would also see Germans and Koreans throughout the house and would break things, hide under the bed, and at times even attacked his wife. Despite all of this, she loved him and cared for him until his last breath. She put her entire life on hold for him and said she would do it all over again, if given the chance. This is coming from a women who lived most of her life in NYC. A women who was independent, who worked and studied. Who on the weekends got together with my mom and took me and my sibblings to museums, the Statue of Liberty, Rockerfeller Center, broadway shows, etc. She was very cultured and intelligent. I wish I had more time with her. Wish I could've pick her brain and ask her things that I didn't know to ask when I was a child. My visit with her was too short. I had planned on going back sometime this year with my family. I wanted her to meet my Marine (as she called my husband) and my children.

My heart aches. I miss her so much. Please pray for her soul, that she may get to heaven quickly.

Madrina, te quiero mucho y te extra├▒o un monton


  1. I'm so sorry for your loss. :( She sounded like a remarkable woman.

  2. Thanks. Your words make me feel better.



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