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Kids Say the Darndest things

So, I was telling my family about my upcoming cat dissection, and my children were both fascinated and grossed out. I had to explain the necessity for practicing medical procedures on test subjects, which sometimes include animals. I reminded them of a movie we had seen about the life of Dr. Vivien Thomas - how he discovered a cure for cyanotic "blue" babies, by experimenting on dogs. They understood, but still found it incredible that I will be "operating" on a cat.

My daughter especially thought it was gross and "I can't believe you are going to do that, MOM." I told her that what I was doing was nothing compared to what doctors do. Doctors have to perform such things on dead people who donate their bodies to science. I went on to tell her that her First Grade Teacher's daughter-in-law is in medical school and she had to dissect a human last semester. My children were fascinate and wanted to hear how it works: how do you donate your body to science, are your eyes open, do the medical students get to see you naked, where is your body kept? I patiently answered all of their questions and finally got to the last one, "where are the bodies are kept?"

"Well, they are kept in a freezer."
"In a FREEZER," exclaims my daughter
"Yes, honey, so they don't get spoiled,"

"Well, I am a human. I've NEVER been in a freezer and I HAVE NEVER gone spoiled!"

Hahahahaha. Yup, that's my daughter!


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