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So, so busy!

Sorry for the lack of entries, but with school starting for EVERYONE in my household we are running around like chickens with no heads. Hubby and I start this Thursday and the kids start on Monday! I know some parents love this time of the year, but not I. I become so sad to think that I will not have them around all day. I really, really, miss them when school starts. And with the beginning of the school year also starts, religious education, dance, soccer, violin recitals, etc. Oh boy!

So to all of my friends who I was meaning to visit this summer I have to say, I am so sorry. I am sorry that my summer flew by and with it, my good intentions. I must make some time and we must get together. I miss so many of you, especially mi Boricua, Catholica, linda who lives a town away ;) You know who you are my wonderful friend.

Okay, so if I am MIA it's b/c my classes have me hostage. I will devote another entry to my decision about school and life.

Thanks to all who have prayed for me.

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