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First Day of School

It has begun and already I am in over my head.

My hubby told me last night, "Don't worry Babe, tomorrow will be filling out paperwork, going over syllabus, easy stuff." Yeah right! We got right to business. In my Anatomy and Physiology class (part II) we started the class with a lecture on the Respiratory System and after that we were looking at slides of alveoli, epithelium, and a mammal's lung. I have tons of reading and terms to memorize and on Tuesday we get our cat. Awwww - NOT! We are dissecting him, so no "awwww" there. Egyptians would be horrified!

Sociology I am taking online and haven't had a chance to review everything, but it looks like tons of papers.

And then there's my Drug Dosage Calculations class... will not even get into that.

So, pray for my sanity. PLEASE!


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