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Ayi, I feel so restless...

Today is one of those days when I feel the itch of doing everything.  I want to clean, organize, blog, cook, bake, make a chore list for the kids, sit down and go through the mounds of paper in the "drawer"... ugh!  In my mind I have knocked all of these things out.  In reality, I've been doing laundry since this morning and I am still not done!  I have sat down and gone through a small pile of paper, the rest I stuffed back in the "drawer." I wrote out three Christmas cards and that is it.  I am wired tired and have little energy.  Why doesn't this register with my brain?  Why is my brain tricking me into wanting to do all these things when it very well knows that my body is exhausted.  I got very little sleep last night b/c of crazy baby movement and I woke up very early - earlier than usual.  Instead of resting I am doing laundry, this also includes changing out everyone's bedsheets and putting fresh ones on.  Not a small feat when you are 8 months pregnant! Anyway, I thought blogging about it would make me feel better, but I just feel more anxious.  Oh well...


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