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Wired Tired

I am so deliriously tired / sleepy, but I cannot sleep!  This is what I have coined, "wired tired." I can't  sleep for so many reasons:  my back aches, my belly is cumbersome, I can't find a comfortable position, and my mind will not shut up!  I can't stop thinking of the many things that I need to get done, but can't.  Ugh.  Also, my little boy has been under the weather, so when I am FINALLY falling into sweet, sweet sleep I am awaken by a not-so-well-cranky-little-boy.  It's not his fault  and I could never be angry, so I have to of course comfort him and take care of him.  Bedrest doesn't matter when life calls.  I am hoping that writing these thoughts down will relieve some of the clutter in my mind and will help me finally get some Zzzzzzzz.

Well, I guess I will try and relax now and if worst comes to worst, I can always count sheep...


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