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A Little Organization

In preparing for the baby I am trying to think of small ways of simplifying our lives - my life.  One small step in doing this was donating most of our children's good towels and throwing out the bad ones.  We kept some for guests, but only a few.  The reason why I had to do this was for my own sanity.  I was washing loads of towels weekly.  My kids would grab towels and forget who had which towel and then grab another.  Some would end up on the floor and others in the hamper.  It became this burdensome mess.  So, I thought if I chose a towel color for each kid then they would know which towel was their own and then couldn't blame their sibling for the mess on the floor, ha. I told my husband of my idea and he was on board.  I love this man :)  We went to Walmart and couldn't find the right quality or the right color, so we went to Target and found some towels that worked for what we wanted.  Our daughter wanted purple, but the pink ones were on sale, so guess what she  We got our teen a nice grey and our other son, blue.  We purchased three of each and let me tell you, it's been about three weeks and this system is working!  The children's linen closet looks neater, aside from the towels facing the wrong way (see pic).  They are big so I can't fold them facing the way I'd like and get all three pairs in one shelf, so I had to compromise.  Hey, don't judge, so what, I'm a bit anal about folding :P  Aside from the folding debacle, the system is working.  Everyone hangs their towel on their own hook, there are no overflowing hampers and no messes on the ground.  I am now only washing a small load of towels every week and a half vs. three loads weekly.  It's great and has simplified one small part of my life....


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