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Boring Xmas List

So, my husband told me that my Christmas / Birthday list is boring!  Hahahaha, could it be the nursing bras or the diaper bag?  Hello?  I am having a baby and will have the need for certain items, why not make them cute?  Okay, okay, so my list could be more exciting, but when I put a compost machine on my list last year he told me that there was no way he was buying me a garbage can for Christmas.  So, I've been brain storming and decided that I want two things: 1) a date with my husband and 2) a bedroom makeover.

The date:  I want a romantic day and night with my husband.  With the baby coming we will not be able to just spend as much uninterrupted quality time together, so I want to make sure that we do that before January.  It would be ideal to get a sitter for our kids and go to DC or Maryland for the weekend - have a nice dinner, do something fun (dancing, sightseeing, etc.) and stay at a nice hotel with a romantic suite.  The more I think about it the more I want this as my present.

And our bedroom, well, I was thinking we will be spending a lot of time in our room with the baby and we will have plenty of visitors, so why not spruce it up.  We already have a pretty room, but it's unfinished.  We've focused so much on the rest of the house, that we've neglected our room.  Now I have to get inspired.  I have black and white with a punch of color in mind, but we'll see...


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