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Bedrest Sucks!

Not quite, but close enough...
I am going out of my mind having to be confined to just resting.  Intellectually I know that this is the best thing for my baby and that every single day is a precious gift from God.  However, emotionally I am ruined.  I am guilt ridden and anxious.  I feel that I am being a horrible housekeeper, mom, wife, friend, etc.  The days go by and I feel that life is passing me by.  I went from an active lifestyle: housewife, mom, nursing student, breastfeeding counselor, to basically sitting in my room reading and watching television.  Sometimes I cheat and do some cleaning and cooking, but then I feel guilty for that, especially if I feel my body betraying me afterwards.  When I don't cheat I get many things done, in my head.  In my crazy mind I have cleaned the entire house, including the garage and the basement.  I have organized all of my paperwork, including recipes, and to-do lists, and I have pre-made and frozen many wonderful meals.  Ahhhh, I am trying to be patient.  I am trying to see the better side of it.  Yes, I know that I am blessed.  Yes, I know God will get me through this and that He never gives us more than we can handle.  Logically I know all of these things that well-wishing loved ones tell me, but it doesn't matter because emotionally it takes a toll and it sucks!


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