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Book Review

This book is beautifully written! Inés of my Soul is not just a story about how the nation of Chile was build. It is a captivating story about Inés Suárez, a strong and daring woman whose bravery and passion helped conquer love and with it, a beautiful land. Along with Inés, Allende introduces many characters that help mold this story. In reading this book we gain a better understanding of the bravery that the conquistadores had and we feel compassion for Native Indians, in the suffering they went through in trying to defend their land. Allende does a wonderful job in making each character rich and full of depth. Her descriptions are thorough and poetic. This book will play in your mind days after having read it.

Allende is a wonderful author who makes me proud of being a Latina. Her work is not only entertaining, but also full of history. You will really connect with her writing and with each character. If you love a good story, this is a MUST read.

*Side Note: Inés Suárez, wasn't just a made up character. She was a real women who helped conquer the nation of Chile.


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