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Nutter Pet Peave

Okay, I cannot STAND IT when people, especially kids say "Shut Up!"

I find it sooooooo rude. Why can't people say "Be quiet" or even better "Be quiet, PLEASE."

Even "Sshhhh," is better than "Shut Up."

Even if you say "shut up," as sweet as can be, it still sounds rude.

The only time "shut up," is acceptable is when Stacy London says it or when used in that context.

For example, "Honey, my boss just gave me a raise!"

Response: "Shut up!" (As you give 'em a nudge)


  1. I think saying "shut up" in the Stacy London context is still a little obnoxious. I think it's a cheeky way of saying something rude and trying to get away with it. Like when kids call someone "gay" and then use the excuse that it means happy!

  2. Really? When she says it, it cracks me up b/c she says it when she is joyfully surprised. I guess I've never seen her say it rudely or I would change my mind about it. However, I do agree with the gay thing - so childish and rude!

    How do you feel about the word "poopsela"? LOL!

  3. Now I hear people saying, "Put the shut in the up." Oh Lord.

    Yvette, you passed by my blog accidentally and read a post. Thank you for your kind words.



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