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Boricua linda,
Puerto Rican beauty.
Brown eyed girl, con pelo largo, y labios bonitos.

Your beauty,
A gift, a burden, and useful many times.
Your soul,
An array of colors,
Darkness that covers the light.
Like the sun hidden beneath overcast clouds.
Goodness weighed down by calamity
Tormented child, innocence taken from little clenched hands and eyes so sweet
Mamá tan joven, mother so young
Offspring of an anguished soul,
Ragdoll to disparaging people, unworthy of your love
Desperate for love, yet pushing it away
Always suspicious, always on the defense
Running, running, always running
Running to those who hurt you, who call themselves “familia,” yet stab you in the back
Tu familia verdadera esta aquí, siempre esperando
Waiting, waiting, always waiting
Never giving up
Praying for a break in the clouds
Knowing the illumination of your soul
Believing in the radiance that you hide
Stop hiding and come on HOME
-Yvette Negron-Torres
(Mi Querida Amiga y Titi de mis hijos, estoy aqui y nunca dejare de esperar.)


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