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Good Friday

Watching "The Passion of the Christ" always puts things into perspective. I feel humbled. My problems are nothing compared to the cross that our Lord carried. That He would do something so beautiful and courageous for our souls, for my soul, is absolutely amazing.

My children chose to watch it with me this year. My husband could not, he was not ready to see it again. My children cried and were almost inconsolable. I had to stop it at the scourging for I knew that it was too much for them. However, once they were gone I HAD to watch. I needed the reality of what he went through. It always puts my life into perspective.

Afterward, my family and I prayed the holy rosary, and the meaning of each mystery was so profound. I cried with each word and could vividly picture my Lord and His passion.

Thank you Father for having died on that cross, so that one day I may have the chance to join you in Heaven.


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