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My first Pinterest Sewing Creation

So, while surfing through Pinterest I found a really awesome Appliqué tutorial from, so I thought, "I'm crafty, heck, I'll give it a try!"

I went out to Walmart, so you must know that I really wanted to do this craft because Walmart is my least favorite place to go.  There are always long lines and sometimes, not-so-desirable-people.  BTW, when I was going in one guy asked me to give him money for gas and then, on the way out, some random lady asked me the same thing.  I said to her, "If you show me that your car is on E, we can drive over to the gas station and I will fill it up for you."  She refused, hmmm, scam anyone?  Okay, I am getting distracted!  This is why my husband sometimes tunes me out, I tend to jump all over the place.  Okay!  Back to my craft!  So I gather some: Heat & Bond, some scrap material, and I also purchased two cheap Hanes long sleeved t shirts, one for my toddler and one for my big girl :)

I went home and I used a cursive generator for my words and looked around Google Images for some inspiration.  Once I found what I wanted to use, I opened Pages on my iMac and inserted my writing and my images.  I then printed it out.  As the tutorial suggested I traced everything backwards and drew it that way on my heat and bond.  I then continued to follow Sundi's tutorial and to my amazement it was super easy!

I made two amazing shirts that everyone says looks store bought!  I've actually gotten a few requests from friends.  Hmmm, new home business? NOT, but maybe a really cool hobby and a nice way to spruce up my girls' clothing.  Thank you so much Sundi!  You rock girl.

Here are my finished items!  What do you think?

My big girl takes Judo and I thought it would be fun to add a girly twist to a Judo shirt

Here's an up-close look 

This is what I did for the baby

I love how they came out and I know that with practice I will get better at it.  


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