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Simple Blessing

Today is a rainy, breezy day; the leaves are falling from the trees and puddles are forming on the ground.  To most, this would be a dreary day, but to me, it is not.  It makes me nostalgic, remembering a time when my older children were little - before school took over our days, and sports took over are evenings.  A simple time, when jumping puddles and cuddling while reading silly books were how we spent days, just like this one.  Once my children became older, days like today made me sad, made me ache to have that time back.  Today, however, I get to enjoy it, with my little toddler, with this beautiful little girl who asked me to sit with her on the porch.  As I sat on the steps, I marveled at her innocence.  At how the simple act of climbing up and down the steps, brought a smile to her face.  How feeling the rain drops on our feet made us giggle.  This beautiful child has fulfilled a need in me that I didn't even know I had, a need to mother someone who the world has not yet touched, who is still mine, still untainted.  My heart aches that one day I will look back and miss this time, but for right now, I am full, I am happy, I praise God, and I hug tight this tiny person who looks up at me with so much curiosity and with so much love. Today, I am content. 


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