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Night And DayNight And Day by Virginia Woolf
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I'm going to have a lot of haters after this review.

Yes, yes, it's a Virginia Woolf Classic - got that! Yes, she is a literary goddess and her writing is beautiful. That is not in debate here. HOWEVER, this book kinda sucked! It made me want to crawl out of my skin at times. It dragged. Many times I said, "Enough already!" I know that at times the dragging on was suppose to be comical, but it wasn't funny to me. Maybe as a play I would be able to appreciate the comical aspects, but not as a wordy-drag-on-enough-already-paragraph.

I was so disappointed with the main characters. I literally wanted to jump in the book and shake them out of their stupidity. "JUST TELL HER/HIM HOW YOU FEEL!" The beating around the bush took up more than half of the book. I wanted to just skip over a lot of it, but couldn't bring myself to, afraid to miss something beautiful in Woolf's writing. I basically suffered in the characters' misery.

I enjoyed the cameo characters more than the protagonists. Mary, I loved and wish there were more scenes with her. My favorite part of the book was when Mary went to visit her family. Even Henry and Mrs. Hilbery were better than the main characters; heck even nosy and annoying Aunt Milvain was more likable then some of these main

Let me just say that I will not be adding this book to my home library.

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