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Flipping Garbage Truck!

Holding my pee and delaying my breakfast is worth it when I know the prize will be my sweet baby asleep for a one to two hour nap, while I indulge without her.  I will relieve my poor bladder and drink my cafe con leche and eat a homemade muffin (that I slaved over).  I will enjoy it in the tranquility of a quiet home.  Everyone is gone, the morning chaos over and baby asleep.  Ahhh.

DUM DUM DUM.... Here comes the stupid garbage truck and freaking wakes her up!  

Remedy:  Grab cranky baby, pee with her on my lap, wash hands while balancing her on my knee, pour cafe con leche out of cute mug and into travel mug, drink hastily, and stuff muffin in mouth while leaning over the counter and gently swatting little grabby hands! 


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