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Charlie Banana One Size Diaper Review

Okay, so my baby is now big enough to wear the Charlie Banana 2-in-1 eco diapering system . Here is my verdict:
  • Cute Colors
  • Great Price
  • Easy to stuff
  • Absorbency is good
  • Inside is very soft
  • Comes with TWO inserts
  • Staining is minimal, but comes off with Rockin' Green Detergent - no problem
  • Comfortable around legs
  • Snaps seam sturdy
  • So far, no diaper rashes :) 
  • Available at, Amazon, and many other popular stores.
  • Suppose to fit babies 7 - 40 lbs, but I don't see how these can fit a baby smaller than 12 lbs. I tried and tried when my baby was smaller and these diapers were HUGE on her. Maybe a baby with super FAT thighs can get away with it, but my baby has chubby thighs and they were really big on her.
  • Okay, my GREATEST complaint is this, ugh, I cannot stand loading the insert through the front panel.  (Yes, the front panel pocket is designed to securely hold a disposable insert, if you choose to use it this way, which I have not yet tried.)  Well, I shall say unloading...ha!  Loading is fine and unloading a slightly urinated insert no-so-bad.  However, unloading a poopy diaper or a heavily urinated one is gross!  The flap usually has poop on it and to get to the insert is messy!  Maybe this doesn't happen with boys so much, but with girls poopy does go to the front of the diaper.
So overall these are great for the price and if it weren't for that darn front flap I would be extremely happy! 


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