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Sometimes kindness comes when you least expect it, and sometimes from a surprising source.

Teenagers are known for being self-indulgent and sometimes clueless :)  Yes, I have seen these traits in my oldest son once he hit "those years." At times I question if I am parenting the right way.  However, despite the clueless-ness I know that a loving, bright, and selfless young man will one day blossom.  Last night I got a huge glimmer of what he is becoming and it makes me proud.  My son overheard me talking to a friend about how badly I want to read this new Christian book called, "Heaven is for Real," written by a pastor about the accounts told by his four year old little boy about meeting Jesus and going to heaven during a near death experience.  I told my friend that I had the money to buy the book via my Kindle, but then had to use the money on my daughter's lunch account.  I was bummed out, but that's life as a mother :)  Well, later on that night, right after I had tucked everyone in bed and said "good night," there was a knock on my door.  It was my son, holding out a ten dollar bill, as he said "Mom, here you go."  "Honey, what's that for?" I said with a confused smile.  "I want you to get that book you want to read.  You deserve it."  My heart swelled and I fought back tears.

I didn't take the money, but I told him how grateful I was.  His act of kindness was exactly what I needed after a long day and I'd take that over a book any day.


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