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Nope, my bundle of joy is not here yet.  I really don 't mind waiting because I don't like to mess with God's plan.  I was asked if I wanted my membrane's strip or if I wanted to be messed with and my answer is and will always be "no."  She will come when the good Lord is ready to bless us with her presence.  However, the anticipation is building.  This labor is a bit different then my other three because I have to time my hospital arrival just right.  See, I tested positive for Strep B with this pregnancy and will have to be given two rounds of antibiotics prior to delivery.  Well, I can try and use Hibiclens, but I don't think that it will get here on time - either my pharmacist has to order it or I do from  I just don't want to chance my baby's health, so antibiotics (with lots of acidophillus) is the answer.  With this in mind I have to plan on arriving at the hospital before I am ready to push.  With my other three I labored mostly at home and when I arrived at the hospital I was already about seven centimeters and go time was shortly after.  

Because of the antibiotics I am now a bit more cautious.  On Thursday night / Friday morning my husband was working when some pretty steady contractions kicked in.  Since he works an hour away I called him and asked him to come home.  By the time he came home they were about 6 minutes apart.  Pretty scary since I go from 4 centimeters to 7 in no time (according to history).  We got the kids up and we all went to the hospital.  At the hospital I had my bloody show, so they said that I was / am definitely in stage one.  The hooked me up to the TOCO and monitored my contractions.  They were pretty strong and coming about every five minutes.  However, when my nursed checked me I was only 3 centimeters!  Ugh.  I decided to walk for about an hour and then I got re-checked and although my cervix was more effased, I still hadn't dilated more.  They asked what I wanted to do and that was easy, "I want to go home!"  So, my hubby, me and the gang came home.  We've been bonding, playing games, and just waiting... 

The contractions are not as steady, but they are still coming.  We are planning to go "shopping" aka walking today to see if we can get this thing moving along.  

Yes, she will come when the good Lord is ready, but God also wants us to help ourselves, right?  Remember that joke with the guy drowning and the boat, helicopter, etc...


  1. No freakin' way!!! I was so sure that you had the baby after your last post!! Oh well, hope you're getting some sleep at least! ;)

  2. Sleep, pffft, what's that?! Contractions all night, peeing every five minutes... Ugh!



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