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I betcha... daughter will decide to be born tonight.  "Why?" you ask, ha, because it's snowing, because our hamster just died, because my other son has broken his foot, and because my other son is sick with a stomach virus!  That's why!  

Why me?!$&%!+*%!!!


  1. Oh my goodness! When is (or was) your due date?

  2. Well, because I practice NFP I KNOW when I conceived. My due date should be the 29th. However, the office is going according to the baby's first ultrasound which put the baby's due date as the 24th. According to them I am 40 weeks and three days. According to me, I am only 39 weeks, so I am not worried :) Plus, Julian was born at 41 weeks, so I'll be cool.

  3. Is she here yet?! Is she here yet?!



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