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Vomit, Fever, and Other Fun Things

The bug that everyone has been bitten by and we have successfully dodged, has finally gotten us.

My husband and my daughter who have super immune systems, thanks to long term breastfeeding, (NOTICE: my daughter not my husband) have even gotten a glimpse of this horrible monster.  My daughter who usually exhibits illness through a slight rash and very light 12 hours symptoms, is for the first time, in eight years running a fever and exhibiting real signs of illness.  I can't stand seeing her this way.  She needs to get better because tomorrow is the first rounds of the finals (at her school) for the National Spelling Bee.  She is one of the finalist in her grade and would be crushed if she missed it.

What's worst than being sick?  Try being a sick mom who is pregnant and who has just had another pre-term labor scare!  Yes, it happened again.  I will save that for another post!  Anyway, last night sucked so bad and this morning was even worst.  My wonderful husband has been so good about helping me, but today was his first day back at work after having taken a few days off, so I knew that I had to tough it out.  Tough it out I did! I was up all night administering medicine, love, back rubs, chest rubs, sitting on a toilet in a steamed up bathroom with a too heavy little girl on my lap crushing my belly while my back took a beating from the uncomfortable position... I thought after a marathon of a night my reward was going to be cuddling with my little girl as we both watched TV or slept until the boys got home.  Yeah RIGHT! Boy, was I wrong.  At 10 AM I got a call from my son's school nurse that he was also not feeling well and needed to get picked up.  This is the strict High School Nurse, so you know it was serious. My mind raced.  How was I going to get my battered body that wanted nothing more than to rest, to actually get up and get dressed.  Just sitting up hurt my head.  Some how I managed to get ready and guess what?!  I get in the car and the gas light goes on.  Of course my car is on EMPTY!  So on top of everything else I have to go to the gas station with a fever, chills, and no sleep!

I thought I could tough it out today, but I can't.  I don't want another hospitalization, the last one scared me. So I have thrown in the towel. I gave in and called my husband.  He is coming home to rescue me.  What would I do without that man?

My head hurts, my body aches, and I can't get comfortable.  I actually feel like crap!

Honestly, I don't even have the energy to continue this post...


  1. Oh my, Yvebornski! I got an email from your friend about the latest pre-term labor scare. May God heal you soon and protect your precious little baby girl, Amen.

    Hugs, kisses and wedgies!

  2. Imma skeered. I thought you were some thug rapper named

    Awww, thank you! That was so sweet - almost cried.

    You're only being nice to me because I'm pregnant the minute I give birth you will go back to calling me, lol, don't want to offend calling me little ethnic names!

    Hugs, Kisses, and Bigger Wedgies,

  3. D-Ray is my thug name; it's what they call me in the streets. My 4-finger gold ring says it too and the tattoo on my neck. See you at the Cross Bronx....

    (BTW, I'm so cracking up as I'm writing this!!)

  4. LMBO! Ayi, my stummy hurts (as my daughter would say).

    You forgot about your Brass Buckle Nameplate. Yeahhhh Boyeeee!



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