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My goodness, this baby girl wins the award of "crazy baby in my tummy!"  All of my children had healthy fetal movement, but this is ridiculous.  When she was smaller the nurses would laugh because they couldn't get a good fetal heart reading due to all of her crazy movement.  However, they would say, "once she runs out of space, she'll calm down."  Yeah right!  Running out of space means that I feel it more and that her movement is sometimes painful.  She does this odd thing, well, odd to me; she moves a complete clockwise rotation.   Yes, she makes full rotations!  It's crazy.  I feel like my insides are being rung.  Also, she loves to kick downward.  You know, toward my bladder!  Anyone who's ever had a baby knows that once you hit your third trimester you feel, well, BIG!  No matter how small your tummy, you feel huge.  I say this because everyone comments on "how tiny" I am.  However, I feel like a whale who washed up on a beach somewhere.  Anyway, I got off track.  My point is that I am very uncomfortable and it takes me forever to fall asleep because of this.  And you know what sucks?  What really sucks is FINALLY finding a comfortable position and FINALLY falling asleep, WHEN, kick, punch, kick!  All of sudden your crazy baby starts to do somersaults in your uterus.    Man, oh man, if this is any indication of her personality, I am skeered!


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