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So very patient...

My husband was so adorable yesterday - I have to remember this the next time I get annoyed with him :)  He took my daughter and I shopping, and we tortured him.  We only went to two stores, but went through virtually every item in those stores.

My daughter received a Visa gift card from my parents for Christmas and didn't really know what she wanted to get.  She looked at all the wallets, shoes, and clothing at store number one while I shopped for a purse that can double as a diaper bag.  We decided that we didn't really love anything at store number one, so we dragged my poor husband to store number two.  He was so cute!  He helped us pick things out and gave his opinion when we asked.  He didn't once complain, even though it was taking us forever and it was boring.  I went through maybe 50 purses and picked out 7.  My husband patiently sat and watched as I took all the paper stuffing out of each purse and went through all the compartments all the while I talked to myself about the pros and cons of each purse.  I slowly eliminated them one by one until I was left with one that I really loved.  Great!  My selection was made and now onto my daughter...

We went to the "girly" section and watched her go through every shirt, sweater, and blouse in her size.  She selected seven that she really liked and announced that she wanted to try them on.  My goodness, I want to slit my wrist just writing this....hahahahaha....I can't imagine how my husband felt at the time.  So, we walk over to the dressing room and on our way there I make a bunch of pit stops to look at all the baby items.  Being such a good sport, my husband joined in and even joked around about some of the funnier (useless) items.  He's the best!  We finally made it to the dressing room where it took my daughter and I forever to decide on which two items she loved the most and then she let her Papa decide between the two.  He selected the more sporty looking one :)  When we got to the register it was so freaking adorable to see my daughter hand her little Visa (gift) card and then watch her little face when she was told to sign her name on the store receipt.  How cute!  Wish I had taken a pic.

With that we wrapped it up and headed home; us girls happy with our purchases and my husband surely full of relief :)

And that's how we spent yesterday afternoon! The boys were so happy that they had decided to not join us when they heard the recap.  Boy, were they spared!

*If you are reading this, like Ralph Kramden would say, "Baby, your the greatest!"


  1. She's TOTALLY my kind of shopper!

  2. LOL! She's worst than an old lady! Takes her time, tries everything on, complains about the fit, and leaves empty handed or with one item!



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