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Hooray for Ebay!

My husband and I have been racking up on Ebay, our many coveted baby items.  We got a like-new, Arm's Reach Original Co-sleeper that retails for $209.00 plus S&H for only $101.00 including S&H.  It arrived a few days ago and is awesome!  I love it and will give a review on it when baby arrives.

We also got an Arm's Reach  Beautiful Dreamer Cocoon for only $73.00 including S&H, saving ourselves a whopping $87.00.

And today...drum roll please...I won FIVE, yes, FIVE AMP Stay-Dry All in One Cloth Diapers for only $23.00.  Helloooo, one retails for $20 - $25 bucks! Three of them are brand new and two are slightly used.

 I  am so happy!  I can't wait for the diapers and the cocoon to get here! 


  1. Woo hoo! Don't you love bargain shopping?! Especially when you don't have to leave the house!

  2. LOVE it! Yes, especially not having to leave the house - that's the best part :)



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