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Cloth Diapering

After MANY hours of research on the good, the bad, and the ugly, I have decided that I WILL try cloth diapering my baby girl.  I will do it in tandem with disposable diapers while I test drive it.  I just think it is healthier (no chemicals) for the baby and better for the environment, not to mention the pocketbook.  However, my sanity is also important, so I am not committing 100%.  I am test driving and we'll see how it works.  

Who knew the world of cloth diapering was so complicated?  There are so many brands and styles to choose from.  There are ways of cleaning them, special detergents to use and not use.  I think my organic detergent should work, but I will double check the ingredients.  I also need some accessories like a wet bag, a stain /odor sprayer, and a diaper pail with liner.  

After much deliberation, I have narrowed my selection to: FuzziBunz, Charlie Banana, and AMP Stay-Dry AIO.   The FuzziBunz and Charlie Banana are both pocket diapers with adjustable elastic and snaps.  This ensures a good fit and no leaks (so they say...) It's basically a waterproof cassing (diaper) with a pocket in the inside where you can slip in an insert (microfiber, hemp, or bamboo).  The insert is your absorbent layer.  Most moms rave about hemp and bamboo because it holds more and there is less / no odor.  The AMP diapers that I'm interested in are considered "AIO - ALL in Ones."  This is the closest you get to a disposable diaper and preferred by most dads, yes, I said  There are no inserts. 

I narrowed my choices down to these because after reading hundreds of reviews these three seem to have the most positive outcomes.  I am also going to email some moms who have bidded on homemade cloth diapers on Ebay to see how they like them.  These are so much cheaper and I would love to love them just to save some more money.  Will keep you posted on this very NEW journey...


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