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Loooooong Day!

I am beyond exhausted right now, but I feel so accomplished.  The exhaustion comes from not sleeping well.  It's been absolutely horrible.  I've been up every single night for the past week for one reason or another: sick kid, can't get comfortable, mind's racing, contractions, etc.  The accomplishment comes from FINALLY knocking some errands out.  The big one being grocery shopping.  Because I can't lift heavy items or push heavy things, I haven't been able to do a full "compra" (grocery shopping in Spanish).  I've been picking up needed items here and there which is SO annoying b/c sometimes I am in the mix of cooking / baking and I find out that I am missing an essential ingredient.  Did I mention that bedrest sucks?

Well, I woke up very groggy this morning.  My hubby had military duty and one of his friends called early in the morn (like 5 AM) to get directions or something and the phone woke me up.  I couldn't go back to sleep, so after tossing and turning for a while I decided to just get up. I got the kids up and told them to get dressed, I showered and we left.  We treated ourselves to IHOP and then headed to Quantico to do our compra at the Commissary.  It was crowded!  Why?  Why did everyone have the same idea we did?  Come on people, it's early in the morning!  I had my coupons and my list (so prepared! :)  and my kids to serve as little helpers, big helpers actually.   We got almost everything we needed for the next two weeks.  I had prepared my recipes yesterday and gathered all the ingredients needed to make 'em.  After we left base we got stuck in a little bit of traffic and it took us a while to get home.  We were already tired, but after getting home, we had to clear the van, and put everything in it's place.  That took forever.  The kids were troopers and because of them I got so much accomplished.  I feel blessed, happy, and very successful.  I am now in bed trying to recuperate; the LAST thing I need are contractions.  Once I am well rested I will begin baking for the next few weeks.  My goal is to knock breakfast out.  I am going to bake a few batches of muffins, granola bars, breakfast bars / cookies, French toast sticks, and make some pancakes and freeze them.  I'll try and post my recipes at a later date.

Okay, let me go rest, so that I can get to baking!  Ah (sigh), feels so good to feel productive.  Thank you Lord for the strength, the health, and my wonderful children.


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