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Little Fashionista

It's important for me to instill modesty in my children, especially my little girl.  Nowadays women everywhere are portrayed as carnal objects - this has spilled into teen fashion and even more scary, girls' fashion.  My daughter is VERY observant and my dressing has changed tremendously throughout the years.  As a young adult I wasn't the most modest person.  Being a New Yorker in the music & fashion industry all I wanted was to have the latest fashion and to be noticed.  Although, I am still not on top of the modesty chain, I believe that I hold a healthy balance and will pray to achieve more humility.  I believe that my daughter has a healthy view of her body and on self -virtue, however, she is going through this odd phase.  She is sooooooo into fashion.  She went from being this sort of "town-boy" who could care less if she matched, her hair was brushed, or the cuteness of her outfit to (in a matter of weeks) a little fashionista who cares about her appearance.  Caring about her appearance is important and I am happy for this change, especially when I can get her to wear a girly dress for church, but it's the emphasis on looking "cute" that concerns me.  I am hoping this is a phase and I as long as I don't see her being vain I will let her sort through her feelings, with a stern eye on the situation, of course.  I guess I am just feeling weird about my little girl growing up.  Did I mention that she is a gifted student who brought home a perfect report card and is on the honor roll?  She is creative, loving, giving, and so many other wonderful things.  Should I really be letting this small phase bother me?  Maybe not.  I just worry about worldly views and about my little girl being tainted with whats around her.  Please pray for me, that I may be a healthy role model for my daughter. Also pray that the good Lord will continue to put positive and virtuous friends in her path.


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