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A Date with My Little Girl

Those of you who have little girls know who Hannah Montana is.  Yeah, I'm not so crazy about her You may also know that Emily Osment  plays Lily, Miley's sidekick and best friend on the hit show.  If meeting Miley Cyrus is not possible, meeting Emily Osment is the next best thing.  When my little girl found out that Emily Osment was coming to our local mall she was thrilled, but being the patient and understanding girl that she is (well most of the time :) she didn't make a big deal of it because "Mommy is on bedrest and Papa works that day."  I honestly didn't know if I would be able to take her.  It all depended on how I was feeling.  And when I overdid it on Friday, the day before Emily was due in town, I though "Uh-oh, it's not going to happen."  However, a mother's will is a strong thing.

I automatically woke up at 6 AM on Saturday and thought, "I HAVE to do this for her!"  I felt in my heart that after making it on the honor roll, the gifted student's program, and being so understanding about not having me 100% since being put on bedrest, my daughter deserved this.  I took a shower, made breakfast, woke my little girl up and surprised her with the good news.  It took her a minute to understand what I was saying and then she jumped out of bed and got dressed.  After inviting the boys and being turned down, we packed some sports chairs, a cooler full of drinks, snacks, blankets, paper for autographs, and jumped in the van.  We were out the door and made it to the mall before eight.  We sat in the car and pondered.  It looked deserted.  We were deciding whether or not to set up our chairs by the front door or whether to hang out in the car.  Going inside was not an option because we were told that the mall didn't open until 9 AM.  However, after 45 minutes we saw a group of girls go into the mall and my daughter said "Mommy, we have to go check," and so we did.  We walked in and there were already about 5 (groups) in front of us! The mall was letting people in and we had been sitting in the car for almost an hour!  We could have been first, but I guess being 5th wasn't bad.  I gave my daughter her backpack and went back to the car (which was park RIGHT in the front) and grabbed our belongings.  We set up our chairs and knew we were going to have a long day.  Emily Osment was not due until 1PM.  

Waiting for almost 6 hours wasn't so bad, especially since we were indoors with bathrooms available.  We made new friends and spent some quality time together.  We chatted, goofed around, made fun of people (okay, not very Christian, but still fun), took pics, and cuddled.  By lunch time our snacks were not enough, so we left our chairs with our new friends and walked to Chick Fil-A and got some lunch.  On our way back to our spot we couldn't believe how many people were already behind us!  There must have been about 400 people behind us and it was only 11 AM.  WOW!  We felt blessed with our number five spot and we were so happy we had gotten up at six in the morning.  By noon there must have been over a thousand people on line.  It was becoming ridiculous.  We saw people trying to sneak into the line, trying to get us to pretend  we knew them & they were with us, and we even had some bold grown-ups who just walk to the front and skipped us.  It was really a fiasco.  People act so ridiculous in crowded situations.  Parents screaming at their children, parents screaming at each other, people shoving, pushing... It was CRAZY!  We were happy to be up front surrounded by security and protective barricades.  

At 12:50 we heard the crowd scream and cheer and we knew that Emily was in the building.  My daughter, wow, my beautiful daughter's face just lit up.  She was so excited.  She squeezed my hand and looked at me and said "Thank you so much mommy," and that's all that was needed to open the flood gates.  I am already a pregnant emotional mess, so it was very easy for me to just start crying.  I was so happy for her.  When Emily passed by us, my daughter jumped up and down and cheered.  It was great.  We could see her so clearly from our spot.  Even with the radio ticket winners arriving and jumping up front, we still had a great spot!  It went by so quickly, before we knew it we were on the side of the stage waiting our turn.  I had our video camera and our digital camera set up and ready.  However, when I got up there I went blank.  It was hard to get in great pics and video with security rushing you.  My daughter briefly spoke with Emily and got her autograph.  I took a couple of pics and because my daughter didn't know she wasn't suppose to, she stood right next to Emily while I snapped the shots.  Fans were suppose to stand in front of the table, not next to  It was great.  I even got an autograph for my best friend's daughter who was too sick to make it that morning.  

It was a quick 30 seconds, but so worth it.  My daughter bounced to the car and then she let out a scream, did a little dance and hugged me.  On our way home she called her Papa and her brothers to tell them all about it.  When we got home she called her aunt and made me email our family.  She was so thrilled and so grateful.  On our way home she said "You are the best mom ever," and that was worth getting up at 6AM and spending 6 hours at the mall.  It was a day shared with my daughter that we will never forget and for that I am grateful.

Oh, BTW, we found out that over THREE THOUSAND fans showed up!  Some drove as far as 200 miles, just to see Emily.  WOW! 

Here are some pics:  (The first pic above we also took when it was our turn)

Emily and my daughter (purposefully blurred out)


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