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When I got home from the gym yesterday, I got on the PC and started to IM with my hubby who has been gone now for over a month :( Military duty called and he answered. During our IM he told me to go look on the porch. Not suspecting anything unusual, except massive amounts of snow, ugh, I was surprised by a long box. My curiosity was so peaked! I felt like a little girl on Christmas morning. I ran inside and riped it open to find a beautiful vase, filled with red roses! I got so emotional... My kids thought there was a bomb in the box by my reaction. My little boy came over and said "Are you okay mom? Why are you crying?" I had to explain that they were happy tears. My emotion even took me by surprise. The flowers are lovely, but I guess because they came from my special man, who has been away for so long was what made me cry. My roses have become my crutch - something concrete to hold on to, until my husband returns. I took them with me to my room when I turned in last night, and brought them downstairs this morning. They are still blooming which is so symbolic to me b/c despite almost fourteen years of marriage, we are still blooming too. However, unlike my roses, our love will never die...


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