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My day started out fantastic! A morning phone call from my special man, letting me know he did AMAZING on his PFT. Amazing is an understatement. A score of 270 gets you a special patch (to put on your uniform), he got a 277. Yep, that's my man! I woke up with a bounce to my step. A morning phone call from hubby and the kids FINALLY go back to school today! WoooHooo!!!They've been off for almost three weeks because of the weather. I had my entire day planned out: breakfast, do some cleaning, go to the gym, and do some shopping. Well, I come downstairs this morning, turn on the news, only to discover that our two hour delay turned into another day off! This is ridiculous!!! At this point, we are going to have the dumbest children in the nation. I love my children and love quality family time, but this is a bit over the top. Had I known they were going to miss this much school, I would have planned a curriculum and had my days completely planned out and productive. It's the unstabitlity and the lack of normalcy that's driving me insane! So make lemonade out of lemons, right? Okay, I was going to make the best of it. I decided to bake some homemade blueberry muffins and brew some coffee. After breakfast still do some cleaning, play a game of Uno, and then maybe hit the gym with the kids. Well, I go to brew coffee and there is none! ZIP, ZERO, NADA!!!! A freaking empty can! I can't function without it. I did great for two weeks and then fell off the wagon and coffee has resumed it's complete control over my mornings. Now I am GRUMPY! Ugh. Trying my best to, how does that song go, oh yeah, "put on a happy face." I am feeling so crabby and then I remembered, "I forgot to bring my flowers downstairs." So, I go to my bedroom to retrive my flowers and there they are, so lovely. They have completely bloomed, looking so beautiful, so hopeful, and my day is better already. I am blessed.



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