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To My Husband


Just wanted to let you know that as you walked into the store yesterday I looked at you impartially and thought to myself "That is a handsome man." You looked youthful and handsome. My heart skipped a beat and I felt like the luckiest woman alive to have you as my companion.

Thank you for a wonderful day. I can't express to you how bless I feel. Yesterday was blissful, yet we did nothing out of the ordinary. Just chilling at home in the morning; you playing Xbox and me napping on your lap while the kids buzzed around the house, was peaceful. Playing tennis was so much fun. Thank you for making me feel proud of my slight (teeny tiny) improvement. You're such a superior athlete, but yesterday you allowed me a small victory. Yes, I noticed :) And as crazy as it seems, I really enjoyed going to Costco with you. It was nice to just go food shopping without the kids, enjoying your company, and your help. And hey, we got free appetizers, a variety of meals, and dessert! LOL! Who said you couldn't date for free in this economy?!

Best of all was having dinner on our patio. The weather was beautiful and the back yard, so green and lush due to all the rain we've had. After dinner I enjoyed watching you in your glory - playing football with our boys, while Delilah and I acted as cheerleaders. They are so lucky to have you as their papa. You are molding them into agile athletes.

I loved that you slipped out the surprise! It's so cute and funny how you can't contain yourself when you have a great secret. The kids were so elated with their fireworks. I know that we really didn't have the extra money for that, yet, you made it happen. Thank you. It was priceless to see the looks on those little faces. Sigh.

Just when I thought the night was over and we were just bumming, watching Cake Boss, you sacrificed your sleep, so that we may have a couples' night out. I know how tough it is for you to stay out when you have to wake up at four in the morning. And yet you sacrificed yourself so that we can go out. Nonetheless, on the night before what is sure to be a busy day/night for a Fire Fighter! I am pretty positive that the 4th of July will bring you guys plenty of fires and accidents. Thank you for a wonderful night around the bonfire with our friends - I had a really nice time. Next time we will have time to do the hookah ;)

Anyway, I feel very happy today and I wanted to share with you where it stems from. Yesterday was great. You made my day and night (the icing on the cake... hehehehe) and I wanted to say "Thank you, Papi. I love you"

De Tu Mami
*There are those days that I think, you are not the person I can live with, but
I ALWAYS know you are the person that I CAN'T live WITHOUT


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