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Breastfeeding Just as Good as Formula? Whatever...

Being a Breastfeeding Counselor makes me pro-breastfeeding. However, I am an opened minded person and try my best not to come off as a Breastfeeding Nazi. I understand that everyone's situation is unique. However, there are times that I just want to jump out of my skin, but I bite my tongue and respect my client's wishes.

One thing that drives me ABSOLUTELY insane is ignorance. I had a client today tell me that formula "Is just as good as breastfeeding, ever since they added DHA and ARA to it." Are YOU KIDDING ME! Hello people, we are not COWS. We are not meant to digest cow protein! How can cow's milk be just as good as the milk GOD made specifically for our human babies? I had to take a deep breath and kindly explain the difference between the two, when all I wanted to do was rage about how dangerous formula actually is. I will most definitely be posting the dangers of formula later, right now I need to vent!

Actually, screw it (is that a bad word? I need to ask my priest about that one). Go to this link to read about some of the harmful ingredients found in baby formula. After reading them, you decide whether formula is JUST AS GOOD as BREAST MILK!

And this is just the tip of the iceberg...


  1. Amen, sister!! I'm a proud lactivist (a nicer way to say BF Nazi). Anyway, gotta go pump now!



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