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The Truth

She follows me throughout the day
Consumes my thoughts
Holds me captive in what ifs
I secretly imagine that I am her
She is who I would never be
She is who I could never be
I must occupy my time
Must not think
Must not go there
She holds the mirror to my face
I strive, but fall short
I pretend
I laugh, but inside I cry
I pretend
I love, but not fully
I pretend
I fool many, but not myself
I need distractions
Cannot fool myself
Would love to fool myself
So I pretend
I am high and mighty
I pretend
I am beautiful, pretty, talented
I am exhausted, but must continue pretending

I avoid her because she cannot be fooled...

...because with her I am stripped naked, she sees the truth, and I can no longer pretend

* This poem is written for someone who is very troubled and lost


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